Brander Broadcast Consulting

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Brian O'Neal, Product Manager "Joni helps speakers of all levels communicate with small and large audienc...
Heather Drennan, Product Manager "Joni demonstrated the ability to quickly identify specific areas of opport...
Sheldon Ripson, News Director "We noticed a night-and-day improvement from last week to last night. Joni ...
Mark Berryhill, News Director "From the very small markets to the top 10, Brander understands the concern...


"Joni demonstrated the ability to quickly identify specific areas of opportunity to immediately enhance my presentation skills. Her one one one coaching sessions are extremely beneficial. The pearls she provided have had significant influence on the creation, preparation, and delivery of my presentations."
- Heather Drennan, Product Manager
SEE, Anti-infectives

"To speak with confidence is a must for marketing professionals. Joni provides the training to give presenters the confidence they need for important presentations. She does this by enhancing each individual’s personal style."
- Chuck Inman, Director Marketing Development

"Joni helps speakers of all levels communicate with small and large audiences by organizing their thoughts and sharpening presentation skills. The process by which she does this is both novel and effective.""
- Brian O'Neal, Product Manager
SEE, Allergy

"Joni is highly professional and is able to sharpen the presentation skills with ease and good humor. She helped me a great deal."
- Zorik Spektor, MD, FAAP
Center of Pedriatic, ENT, Boca Raton, FL

"Joni Brander us able to improve anyone's public speaking ability, regardless of their prior level of accomplishment. She is also one of the warmest and kindest people I have ever worked with."
- Joseph E. Dohar, MD, MS, FAAP, FACS
University of Pittsburgh, PA

"Having taken several 'presentation' courses, I found time with her the most valuable by far. I would highly recommend this program even to experienced speakers."
- Judith White, MD, PHD
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

"You will gain insight into speaking that you never imagined. This is an absolute must do training session for the professional."
- Alan G. Micco, MD, FACS
Northwestern Hospital, Chicago, IL 


About Joni


Joni Brander is a TV Talent and Appearance Coach and Executive Presentation and Media/Image Trainer based in Chicago. As President of Brander Broadcast Consulting (BBC), she coaches news talent from CNN and all television markets.